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Why do Men Put off Going to the Doctor?

Women go to the doctor more often than men. Does this mean that women are sick more often than men? Not at all. What it does mean, however, is that men are full of excuses and reasons why they are excluded from the list of important people that need to see their primary care doctor Houston regularly. Why are men putting off doctor visits that have the potential to save their life, or at a minimum help them lead a long, fulfilling, healthy lifestyle?

  1. No Doctor

Men say they don’t have a doctor and think that finding one is impossible. Or, they just use it as an excuse to keep the doctor away.

  1. No Insurance

A lack of insurance is a big reason for failure to visit a doctor, and a good one, too, considering that the costs of a doctor visit can be enormous. Thanks to Obama Care, however, it is easier than ever to get coverage.

  1. I’m Healthy

Men think that they are healthy, no matter the hacking cough they can’t seem to shake or the pain in their foot that causes them to fall with each step they take. The truth is, sometimes even when you seem at your best, problems are underneath the surface yet to be discovered until you’ve made the visit to your doctor.

  1. It is Embarrassing

Some men feel that going to a doctor is embarrassing. They don’t want to put the gown on, nor do they want a doctor touching their body in any way. Most men feel more comfortable with a male doctor, so do keep that in mind.

  1. There is No Time

There is so much to do on the agenda already. Going to the doctor can take hours and who has this kind of time? This is another common reason for doctor avoidance by men.